Spring Cleaning

With Spring just around the corner (hopeful thoughts from this Missouri girl who can’t take much more ice), I’ve decided to get a jump on the next phase of the year. With some newfound motivation that is one-part Marie Kondo and one-part my Folger’s high, I have decided that in the Hall house, Spring is HERE!

Or at the very least Spring prep.

Phase I of spring prep is of course, spring cleaning, and for phase II, I am hoping, plants!

With a nod to the Marie Kondo method, I am looking to declutter my home and find everything that stays it’s own place. To start this off, I’ve decided to attack the piles of baby clothes all around my house. Bins have been purchased-clear is best per MK, clothes have been washed and sorted by sizes, folded, and stashed. And let me tell you future mommas… DO IT AS YOU GO! My 10 mo is in 12 mo clothes, so I had 0-9mo clothes to deal with, and it was a full two afternoons of work. I am so excited that now though, down the road when next baby is here, all I will have to do is open the bins as I get to them and hang!

I’ve also adopted the MK method of folding, going on 4 weeks now, and I love it! I love being able to see everything that is in a drawer, and ultimately fit more in it!

My next organizing goals are to help my husband downgrade his clothes, pull everything out of our spare closets (there are three, oof), finish tidying our garage (husband already keeps it pretty nice), and to most likely throw away half of our attic clutter.

Along with all of the sorting, I am looking to adopt a cleaning schedule of sorts. Our house is always fairly tidy – or at least 30 minutes from being tidy (I know you other homeowners know what I mean 😅), but I am terrible about skipping chores that don’t seem to cross my mind. Dusting, for example, I don’t consciously decide not to do, I simply don’t think to do it! So to keep myself on track, I’ve downloaded a template from simplyRebekah to customize for your home. She also has a nice list of chores to help you fill yours in, and she even includes her own as an example.

I’ve had this bad boy printed off for about three months now, but this month it is happening! My house will be dusted for, embarrassingly, I think only the second time since we’ve lived here, and my windows will be Windex-ed!

What I’m more excited for is the more lively part of springtime – plants!

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